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System Product Department of TOHMEI Ind., we are acquiring many experiences on electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control technologies.
We are applying servo mechanism, data processing know-how and special software to realize dynamic and static control systems with regard to displacement, load,velocity, acceleration, outside/inside pressure, rotational speed, torque and other parameters. Our test equipment and special products cover aerospace, automobile, railroad and other industrial fields. We are synthetically doing planning, design, manufacturing, installation, adjustments and functional test.

Hardware Design

2 dimensional design, CAD
  • 3dimensional design, CATIA
  • 3D Structural Analysys

We are designing reliable structures using the latest tools.

Software Design

Our system enables precise control by easy operations using a computer with VB/VC and other softwares and sequencer unit.


We predict dynamic characteristics by a mathematical simulation. We analyze the flow by CFD, computational Fluid Dynamics.

Manufacturing and Inspection

We have various inspection techniques and tools production technologies in connection with aircraft manufacturing.
We can meet stringent quality requirements of various industries.

LASER tracker

CMM for 3D MBD model

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