Aircraft Hydraulic Test-Stand

discharge pressure: 34,500,000Pa
working fluid: (left) SKYDROL
(right) MIL-spec. Hydraulic fluid

Jet-engine Test-Stand

The test stand holds a thrustvectoring jet-engine, measuring 3 directional forces and 3 axial moments.

Aircraft Actuator Test-stand

working fluid: SKYDROL, fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid

Movable Lifter for Under-floor Equipment of Railroad car

movement:front-rear, left-right, rotation
maximum speed:30cm/sec. or more (front-rear, left-right) maximum load:200kg

Pilot-Evacuation Simulator

The system simulates an acceleration rate that a pilot of fighter experiences at emergency baiout.
Control: pneumatic servo system

Multiple Test-piece Fatigue Testers

number of units:
6 with a common controller
static load:
±7350N ( ± 750kgf )
dynamic load:
±4900N ( ± 500kgf )
frequency: 100Hz
test-piece temperature:-30℃to 400℃

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