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Logistics Department of TOHMEI Ind., Since our establishment, we are acquiring many experiences on packaging technologies.
Based on our policy of “Flight Safety”, we will propose the best packing technology for your products in accordance with the product’s property, transportation, and the storage conditions.

Packing box production for the aero plane flap.

Cardboad Packing box for sea transport to the United States. The products are fixed by the blocking material which has been cut into the product’s shape.

Hiple ACE

Consideration for the ecological and cost reduction, we are proposing the packing using“Hiple ACE”.

HTV packing

Special packing for HTV structure which was assembled at our CHITA-plant and transport to our customer.

Mock-up production of
aerospace main wing

We served the mock-up of aerospace wing using plywood and corrugated cardboard which was designed by TOHMEI ENGINEERING Co.

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