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We will pursue environmental protection in our business activities.
TOHMEI Group has established following environmental policy and guidelines ensure the workplace environment safe and healthy, protection of the global environment, the conservation of natural resources and energy.

Environmental Policy

We work diligently to environmental conservation activities as a responsibility of humankind. To promote environmental management the following activities in order to contribute to the realization of an affluent society capable of sustainable development future.

Environmental Guidelines

  • 1. Building an Environmental Management System, and strive for continual improvement
  • 2. We comply with any requirements and other environmental laws and regulations and ordinances
  • 3. We conduct energy and resource conservation, and promote reusing and recycling
  • 4. So that all employees are mindful understanding and compliance of the relevant provisions and environment policy, we will improve awareness
  • 5. We will set the environmental objectives, and revise as necessary review on a regular basis
  • 6. We conduct an internal audit for compliance with environmental management system, measure the progress of dealing with environmental issues

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