About us


Company overview

Founded June 1965
Established September 1973
Capital 88 million yen
Employees 1,400(Apr.2014)
Representative Akira Ninomiya,president
Head office 2-11 Shinkatanaike,Chita,Aichi Prefecture,Japan


1965 Established as a specialty company of packing aerospace parts
1973 Manufacturing start of tools and test equipment for aircraft
1980 Start of main wing structual assembly work of businesss jet plane
(at MHI plant)
1986 Start of periodic maintenance services for aircraft and parts
(at MHI plant)
1990 Start of structural assembly work in TOHMEI plant
1999 Start of assembly work for H2-A rocket engine component panel
2005 ISO 9100 :2004 certification obtained
Start of through process for B747 sec.11 SWB
2008 Approved by Aichi-prefecture as one of the Aichi – Brand Industries Start of structural assembly of H2 Transfer Vehicle for ISS
2009 ISO 27001:2006 certification obtained
2010 Capital alliace with PNC Co.,
2011 Paint shop constrution in Chita-plant Capital alliance with IBARAKI ind.,
2013 Nadcap(Chemical Processing)certfication obtained

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