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Our core technology is the manufacturers of Aerospace structre
with high quality based on 30 years experience.

(HⅱTransfer Vehicle: KOUNOTORI)

The KOUNOTORI4 (HTV4, a cargo transporter to the International Space Station) was lauched by the H-ⅱB Launch Vehicle, and was captured by the ISS robotic arm on September.
TOHMEI group concentrate our technology which has been cultivated through structual assembly for aerospace on this KOUNOTORI assembly.

In our CHITA-Plant, we have been assembling the structure
of this KOUNOTORI.

TOHMEI in charge of

■ Un-pressurized Carrier
■ Avionics Module
■ Propulsion Module
■ Payload Attach Fitting

  • Assembling at CHITA plant
  • Packing transport operations
  • Design and product tools
    for entire assembly at rocket range

TOHMEI GROUP serves not only structual assembly for KOUNOTORI, we also serve special packing and transporting services, and all kinds of tools (from designing to installation).
The synergistic effects of TOHMEI GROUP will continuously contribute to the success in KOUNOTORI Launch.

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